SQL Server Support

Mitigate business interruption

Get an experience that affords you the peace of mind 
knowing your Microsoft SQL Server is supported, 
so you can focus on accelerating your business.

Support for Partners

More than just a support plan. Support for Partners offers complete, end-to-end managed support across the Microsoft SQL Server platform to deliver complex projects to end client, expand your capabilities in the SQL Server platform.

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Support for Enterprises

Embrace an end-to-end support with preventive care for your Microsoft SQL Server to keep the databases healthy and running. 

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Additional offerings to extend outcomes

Consultancy Services

Expert-led, solution-specific engagements designed to help you onboard and optimize upcoming key business solutions with consultancy services for Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI Data Analytics, Azure SQL Migration, Security Hardening, and more.

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SQL Server Support
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Dear valued visitor, 
As per collected data over the years of operation, The management team has decided to discontinue consultation services to enterprises from January 01, 2023.  
Consultation services do not generate added value for our clients, therefore we have replaced them with Support Plans.  

Support plans