SQL Server Support

Support for Enterprises

Embrace an end-to-end support with preventive care for your Microsoft SQL Server to keep the databases healthy and running. 

Cost effective support coverage

Proactive administration

Frequent database health check and assessment is taken with goal of improving stability and scalability of database servers.

Performance tuning

Support engineer recommends on the query, index and database configuration changes to ensure performance improvement is garanteed.

Security audit and hardening

Mitigate security breach. support engineer will assess the security aspects of the database server, and provides recommendations for further hardening.

Hardware resource measurement

Ensure the underlying hardware resources are capable to carry on the database workload. our team will assess and provide you insights.

Microsoft Azure migration

Save significant amount for database servers by migrating on-premise workload to Azure cloud. our support engineer able to assist you in your cloud journey.

Unlimited support tickets 

The simplest and most affordable offer for small businesses. our support engineer will respond to your tickets within the agreed SLA.

Plans Comparison Per Country

[1] Excluding provincial and federal taxes.
[2] Microsoft Azure projects must involve SQL Server databases.

Reputation is not built accidentally

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SQL Server Support
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