Artificial Intelligence Database Administrator®

Move Your Business Forward, Intelligently

Supercharge your database performance via industry-leading Artificial Intelligence Administrator that helps your organisation operate 70% faster, experience less interruption and grow your revenue

Ever Increasing Volumes Of Data

Advancements in technology have led to gigantic volumes of data from diverse sources and varied formats. Organisations are being consistently challenged in features to store, process and make sense of these data.

These led to issues such as:

Long Elapse Time

Crucial task as report generating are stalled because your database are taking a long time to pull from the right datasets

Stalled Production Line

The production line faces regular interruption because the database are often overloaded and requires periodical monitoring by the administrators

Compromised Security

Due to lack of real-time monitoring and recommendations, most databases are prone to security breach that can cause a huge impact on profit

Ever Increasing Maintenance Cost

You have a team of database administrators working on weekends to ensure the smooth running of the database during work week


Artificial Intelligence
Database Administrator®

An Ai powered SQL administrator that churns for inefficiencies in your database structure and provide real-time improvements

Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence Database Administrator

Proactive & Preventive Administration

Proactive Security & Audit

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Pro Performance Tuning

Periodic Management Reports

Advanced Communication


Impact On Productivity

Supercharge your database performance via industry-leading Artificial Intelligence software that helps your organisation operate 70% faster, every time

How Effective Is Ai-DBA

Database Troubleshooting Progress Comparison​

SQL Server Health Check

Technical Findings Analysis​


Industry Case Studies

See How Other Companies Have Benefitted From Ai-DBA

Software License Provider

With a number of employee reaching out to over 1000 people, this software license provider was going through these issues: Delayed payment collection due to excessive blocking in production database and inability to generate daily invoice on-time

Manufacturing Business

With a severe corruption in the database, this manufacturing business was unable to continue their production. This was made worse because the technical team were unable to respond on time. Ai-DBA was employed to predict the Database Corruption base and was able to restore it

Insurance Agency

Issue lies with the current database structure. Due to the Hyper-converged configuration, and unmanaged database, there was a spike in Memory Sprawling. Eventually this causes the entire production line to halt. Ai-DBA was deployed to perform preventive and pro-active database administration
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    Artificial Intelligence - Database Administrator®

    What Existing Customers Said About Ai-DBA

    Fard Solution have provided us a fast and proven solution, helping us go live without any issues

    ” Fard’s Solution has provided a fast and proven solutions to ensure our biggest Navis N4 SQL database project go live without any major performance issue. ”

    Abdul Rashid – Head of Applications Department
    Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd

    Ai-DBA has helped us tremendously in managing our databases

    ” Ai-DBA has helped us tremendously in managing the databases. With the improved optimal performance of the databases, my team and I can focus on development of the software solutions more.”
    Yow Hui Hui – IT Manager
    Skynet Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd

    Analysis performed were quite good in highlighting the main issues of our databases

    ” Initial findings showed that the results of the analysis performed were good. Service rendered was meant for a quick analysis of what is happening in the database server and some suggestions on indexes as well as best practices on configuration practices. “
    Alex Wong – Head of IT
    GHL ePayments System Sdn. Bhd.

    About Fard Solutions

    Fard Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Company was established in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. We are engaged in development, implementation, integration and maintenance of the most advanced database solutions and IT research & development (innovation). Fard Solutions provides Microsoft SQL Server and Hortonworks Hadoop (Big Data) under Data Management services to make them useful for medium to multi-national businesses. Our team members are active participants and leaders in Data Management, designing, building and testing the core of the database and big data solutions. We have years of experience in data operations management and are best suited to support your mission-critical database project.

    Our scope expertise include:


    Artificial Intelligence
    Database Administrator®

    SQL Server Consultancy

    We provide professional services for Microsoft SQL Server, Data Analytics – Power BI & SQL Server DBA Recruitment

    SQL Server Training

    Fard Solutions training lab utilizes our simple yet effective format of Learn it, Do it, Prove it. We provide various SQL training

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