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Ai-DBA requires .Net Framework 4.6, Internet Connection, 1Core Processor and 512MB Memory.

Customer has 2 options to run Ai-DBA. o Option 1: Subscribe to SaaS based Ai-DBA o Option 2: Run Ai-DBA on Customer owned servers. For this option, Customer is required to provide the necessary hardware resources and software licenses. This option deploys the entire backend engines and repository of Ai- DBA system at customer owned location.

Ai-DBA Instance runs at Client’s server host and the Ai-DBA central data repository. Ai-DBA runs on Azure (Singapore).

MS SQL Server 2005 to 2017 (on-prem and cloud) o AzureSQLDatabase o AzureSQLDataWarehouse o Azure Managed Instance

No, Customization is not available.

There is no Trial. However, we do provide 60 days money back guarantee upon receiving a valid Purchase Order from Customer.

The payment should be through proper and valid channels.

If there is no any improvement on the client SQL Server databases, Customer can request for a refund or cancellation within the first 60 days of use. Fard Solutions Team will conduct investigation and discussion with Customer, prior to making a decision on the request.

The installation and configuration take about 20-30 minutes per Ai-DBA instance.

99% Availability and Operationality of Ai-DBA Agent Instance. o 99.9% Availability of Reports and Historical Data. o 99.9% Availability of Ai Backend Engines.

The duration is subjective and depends on the cases; base on collected data, it takes from 3days to 15days to resolve the major bottlenecks and issues in production database servers.

Windows – for Ai-DBA instance and targeted SQL Server instances. o Linux – for targeted SQL Server instances.

Ai-DBA instance can be installed on SQL Server Host machine or Proxy Server.

We do have Major Patches and Hot Fixes; Major patches are once a month and hot fixes can occur few times in a month depends on the client environment. Patches do not require the system to be restarted.

Online Banking, Wire Transfer.

Yes, upgrade of edition is possible; customer is required to settle the cost differences between editions.

The base currency is USD; the payment can be done with MYR with the valid exchange rate stated in the official quotation.

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