Advanced SQL Training

Fard-Solutions Sdn Bhd understands our clients’ schedules do not allow for prolonged travel to a distant training facility, which is why we created our Training Courses. Our students enjoy a true technical, “hands-on” experience, with virtual images on each student’s personalized computer. Our architecture allows us to create a “true” production environment in order to ensure applicability. That environment ensures each student’s production environment is separated from one another physically in order to provide maximum performance and reliability every student is assigned a production class server with:

  • 2 X Quad Core CPU’s
  • 8 Gigabytes of Ram
  • 500+ GB of Storage at 7,200 RPM
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Cards
Fard Solutions training lab utilizes our simple yet effective format of Learn it, Do it, Prove it. Every class is comprised of PowerPoint-driven lectures, “hands-on” labs, and a test at the end of every lab. Our Training classes can accommodate classroom sizes from 1 to 12+, but we have found 8 or fewer students per class to be the most productive experience for our students. Fard Solutions ensures every student has all the tools they need to succeed in every class, Fard Solutions consulting’s expertise for many of their public and private courses. We have pre-created training classes and the ability to custom-create Quest training courses that meet your company’s specific needs.
Trainings all available in-house within Klang Valley. Contact us for enquiry.
Training prices are excluding GST and applicable only in Malaysia. For training outside Malaysia contact us to enquire.
Code Title PSMB Scheme Days Fees(USD)
Microsoft SQL Server
FS-2010A SQL Server Database Administration N/A 5 1,125
FS-2020A SQL Server Database Development N/A 5 1,125
FS-2030A SQL Server Querying Data N/A 3 875
FS-2040A SQL Server Database Backup and Recovery N/A 2 275
FS-2050A SQL Server Performance-Tuning N/A 5 1,375
FS-2060A SQL Server Performance-Tuning (Jump Start) N/A 3 825
FS-3010A SQL Server Security and Protection N/A 2 875
FS-4010A SQL Server Advance Corruption Recovery N/A 2 875
Microsoft PowerBI
FS-5010A Analyzing Data with PowerBI N/A 2 700
FS-5020A Analyzing Data with DAX N/A 1 700
FS-5030A Data Mashup with M and TSQL N/A 2 700
Big Data – Hadoop
FS-6010A Querying Big Data with Hive N/A 3 900
FS-6020A Querying Data with Pig N/A 3 900
Relational Database Design and Theory
FS-7010A Database Design and Modeling N/A 2 875
Machine Learning
FS-8010A Machine Learning with R in SQL Server N/A 3 775
FS-8020A Machine Learning with Python in SQL Server N/A 3 775
Data Management
FS-9010A Enterprise Data Management & Governance N/A 3 875

You may contact us at for enquiry and/or registration.

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