SQL Server Health Check and Scoring

SQL Server Health Check is a very challenging subject that requires expertise and in-depth knowledge about SQL Server internals, administration and development. Fard Solutions provides specialized health check service where our internal software called ‘SQL Server Analyzer’ helps us to deep dive into your SQL Server environment current and potential issues and recommend solutions to resolve your issues base on technical findings.

Our SQL Server Health Check service is designed to ensure the availability, performance and security of critical database systems. We can help your organization to check the consistency of databases, diagnose the health of SQL Server instances and resources such as CPU, Memory, Disk and Network.

Deep down we know just how important it is to schedule the time to do SQL Server health check-up, and we know you are not the only one making up excuses. It’s something DBA needs to think about and prioritize. From experience it’s better to know SQL Server results and be able to take real, actionable steps towards better SQL Server environment rather than not knowing at all.

Looking after SQL Server health is one of most important thing for your company business continuity as well. Having regular SQL Server heath check-ups are a great way of knowing how SQL Server health is tracking, as it provides you with an opportunity to discuss SQL Server results with an expert consultant, and talk about areas that you may need working on.

SQL Server Analyzer is performing very comprehensive health check and it covers Operating System, SQL Server errors and SQL Server internals such as tasks, caches, objects, index design, fragmentations, resource usages and etc.

SQL Server Analyzer does not impact on SQL Server performance and will not cause any interruption.

Health Check process suppose to be ran monthly and for heavy workload production weekly to highlight SQL Server’s unusual behavior and predict the potential issues.

SQL Server Analyzer

‘SQL Server Analyzer’ is for better SQL Server consultations. our initial SQL Server Health Check service was done manually within 6 hours for 30 health factors, Now we are able to use ‘SQL Server Analyzer v4.0’ to accomplish SQL Server Health Check covering over 90 health factors within 45-90 minutes including automated reports, charts, score, MCR and recommendations.

SQL Server Analyzer is able to detect SQL Server versions from 2005 till 2016 and analyze all features including In-Memory OLTP.

SQL Server Resource Usage Charts

SQL Server Analyzer is able to generate resource usage charts once health check process is completed.

SQL Server General Recommendation

SQL Server Analyzer is able to provide general recommendation regarding the target SQL Server environment base on the technical findings, you may ignore some recommendations depends on your organization requirements.

SQL Server Environment Score

SQL Server Analyzer provides environment score base on the technical findings, the scoring is categorized by Administration, Maintenance, Performance and Security. For mission critical systems, every score category should not be below 7.5;

SQL Server Memory Consumption Calculator

SQL Server Analyzer is able to calculate the memory consumption usage by SQL Server for each components and guide you to configure buffer pool memory size to increase overall performance.

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