SQL Server Memory Calculator Tool

Providing enough memory to SQL Server is very tricky and most DBAs do not know how much memory is needed, then the gradually add on the memory into the VM or physical server once they face the performance issue from lack of memory space.
SQL Server memory usage calculation is different on every single hardware/server, and also the formula is difficult to be memorized by DBAs and takes long time to be calculated.

In this post, I would like to introduce out SQL Server Memory Calculator tool to estimate the memory usage by SQL Server components based on the entered information.

As you see at the following figure, SQL Server Memory Calculator requires the following info:-

  • SQL Server Version and Architecture
  • Windows Server Version, Architecture and Feature
  • Total Physical Memory
  • Total Logical Processors (2/Core)
  • Total Database Size

After providing above information, the tool will calculate the estimated memory utilization by SQL Server components and also mentions whether the current memory space is enough or needs to be add on.

You may download the SQL Server Memory Calculator Tool from HERE.



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