SQL Server Advance Corruption Recovery

This class will give you a wealth of practical corruption recovery techniques that you can put into production as soon as you return to work and we ensure you understand *why* and *how* a technique works rather than just what the technique is. This usually means we will explain how SQL Server works internally while discussing a specific topic. Our aim is that you can apply what we teach you to any situation and justify your solution to your peers, management, or clients (yes, we welcome SQL Server consultants in our classes).
This course will cover SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2014, and is essential for all SQL Server developers, DBAs, and architects. We will answer all your questions, to whatever depth you want to go.

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Course Information

Title:             FS-4010A Microsoft SQL Server Advance Corruption Recovery

Duration:    2 Day

Time:            9:00 am – 05:00 pm

Intended for SQL Server administrators who are responsible for the integrity and availability of their database servers and installation.


  • Experience with SQL Server.
  • Understanding of Database concept.
  • Experience with SQL Server administration.
  • Experience with Transact-SOL Programming.
  • Knowledge of SQL Server disaster recovery concept.

Course Outline

1- What is Disaster Recovery?

2- Database Backup Plan

3- Database Physical Design

4- Case Studies:

  •  I/O Logical Corruption Recovery
  • Suspected Database Corruption Recovery
  • Master Database Corruption Recovery
  • Object Recovery
  • Point in Time Recovery
  • File Corruption Recovery
  • Page Corruption Recovery
  • Log File Corruption Recovery
  • Online Database Recovery
  • Avoid Corruption by Mirroring
  • Avoid Corruption by Alert


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