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SQL Server Managed Service Packages

World Class SQL Server Managed Services!

Due to the growing adoption of SQL Server and the mission-critical aspects of databases, many organizations face the challenge of hiring and retaining qualified administrators and developers.
As a Microsoft SQL Server Service Provider with deep-rooted SQL Server expertise, Fard Solutions is the perfect partner to fill the gap, reduce the ongoing administrative burden and maximize your SQL Server investments with a predictable monthly operating expense.

Silver Gold Platinum
SQL Server Health Check Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Advance Real-time Monitoring & Alerting Yes Yes Yes
Tuning Top Resource Intensive Queries (Monthly) 3 5 8
SQL Server Configuration Yes Yes Yes
Supported No. Of Databases 5 10 15
Database Integrity Check Yes Yes Yes
Backup and Recovery (Base on SLA) Yes Yes Yes
SQL Server Upgrade & Patching Yes Yes Yes
Deadlock & Blocking Troubleshooting Yes Yes Yes
ISV Collaboration No No Yes
On-Site Support (Weekly) 4 Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours
Off-Site Support (From 8:00 to 22:00) Email Email, Phone Email, Phone, Remote Desktop
Critical Support (Base on SLA) Yes Yes Yes
Why Engage Us?
We are the ideal choice for organizations seeking uncompromising service quality for fair and transparent prices. Our database consultant are the best in the business, and our service quality charter ensures that you get the highest possible of care and value for money at all times.
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