Fard Vision® is an intelligent criminal and crime analytics and processing unit which is developed for preventing crimes through enterprise criminal detection and recognition platform by Fard Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Company. It provides capture and recognition of criminals and crimes from a video stream of every CCTV camera real-time. Fard Vision® is the only criminal and crime detection and recognition system in the universe yet. Fard Vision
Further Analysis Cases:

  • Missing citizen’s last scene and place been appeared.
  • Movement pattern of the suspected person (E.g. Terrorist).
  • Suspected person contacts including contact person, place and time.
  • Population pattern in specific date and time.
Fard Vision Units


  • Analog and IP cameras are supported.
  • Detection during high-speed movements.
  • Automatic optimal face and weapon position, transmission & comparison.
  • Multiple camera environments.
  • Automatic notification through Phone, SMS and Email.
  • Distributed and modular architecture.
  • Real-Time criminal and crime recognition and notification.
  • Live streaming once criminal or crime recognized.
  • Specific camera remote monitor from far distance.
  • No physical contact of the user with system is required.
  • Criminal and crime can be recognized while moving.
  • Simultaneous multiple criminal and crime recognition.
  • Criminal recognition even if the face characteristics have changed.
  • Robust face and object detection and recognition engine.
  • Minimum 96% criminal and crime recognition accuracy.
  • Robust reaction / event management capabilities.
  • Criminals and citizens movement tracking.
  • Video recording and analysis.
  • High Availability up to 98%.
  • Unlimited central station operators.



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