SQL Server Consolidation

Allianz Malaysia Berhad (“AMB”) is part of Allianz Group in Germany. Allianz General Insurance Company Allianzhad few physical servers for every individual systems which each server uses SQL Server 2005 & 2008.  We introduced by Microsoft Malaysia to Allianz for accomplishing this project and at same timewe guided Allianz to purchase suitable SQL Server license for their business.
Key Points:

  • Project duration was 11 days within 1 month.
  • SQL Server login’s password remain same after login migration.
  • SQL Server Jobs and Schedules remain same and active.
  • Overal down time were less than 2 hours.
  • SQL Server database federation was done without down time.
  • All operational systems were remain intact during consolidation.
  • SQL Server installation and configuration were base on best practices.
  • We did not use Third-Party software.


Our SQL Server Principal Consultant is the Only Microsoft Certified Master in South-East Asia.


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