SQL Server Health Check is a very challenging subject that requires experties in database administration and development. Fard Solutions Sdn. Bhd. provides specialized health check service whereby we deep dive into your SQL Server to find out current and potential issues of you SQL Server environment. At the end, you will receive a simple written explanation of our findings from the health check. All the findings will be treated as private and confidential.

Have you faced any of below issues and you do not know what causing it?

(Not limited to below issues.)

  • SQL Server Memory and CPU usage is high!
  • SQL Queries execution gradually getting slower!
  • Continuously growths of database log file size!
  • Database Backup and Restore process takes long time!
  • Data retrieval performance is too low!
  • SQL Server does not reuse memory!
  • SQL Server does not utilize all processors!


    • Our SQL Server Principal Consultant is the ONLY Microsoft Certified Master in South-East Asia and Iran.
    • Below corporates got benefit through our SQL Server Health Check:

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