SQL Server Support Plan

All the benefits of an in-house SQL Server specialist, at a fraction of the cost.


We offers both on-site and remote database administration services. Our remote DBA services include on-call DBA support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

We also offer on-site support services in half-day and full-day packages, and a flexible range of remote support packages including SQL Server health checks which have a proven track record for finding 98% of all SQL service mis-configurations. Managed SQL Service engagements also provide monthly reporting including environment reviews and incident summaries for the past support period.

Have you heard these questions from your clients or colleagues?

Why application performance is slow?

Why we can not retrieve data from database?

Why data files and log files are keep growing?

Why we can not restore backup file properly?

Mostly these problems arise due to poor design of databases, wrong configuration of server instance and databases or even wrong chosen of server instance version and edition.

Typical Root Causes

Fard Solutions Sdn Bhd technical team are Microsoft Certified with extensive knowledge and experience on SQL Server and Components. We are capable to give you best solution to solve your SQL Server instances and databases issues.

What can we do? Our team will run routine weekly health check and provide report for client next step to-do list.

What is Objective of Routine Health Check? Track any potential unhealthy server Instances and Databases. and Analyzing client server and database system for forecasting essential needs for consistently smooth running environment.

What is the risk of not running routine health check? Accumulative unsolved problems. therefore not able to rectify the issues on the spot to prevent serious database problems. and also recurring issue of database error and bottleneck.

First health check will be done for FREE to find out potentially issues in your SQL Server instances and databases. Fard Solutions has customized solutions packages to suit client needs to Solve & Prevent future issue at minimal commitment fee.