SQL Server Support Plan

All the benefits of an in-house SQL Server specialist, at a fraction of the cost.


We offers both on-site and remote database administration services. Our remote DBA services include on-call DBA support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

We also offer on-site support services in half-day and full-day packages, and a flexible range of remote support packages including SQL Server health checks which have a proven track record for finding 98% of all SQL service mis-configurations. Managed SQL Service engagements also provide monthly reporting including environment reviews and incident summaries for the past support period.

We offer below services from RM1000/Month

Our Adhoc Troubleshooting & Resolution Service Scope

Our DBAs Certifications and Awards

Flexible SQL Server Support Plans, for any size Business!


  • This support plan is suitable for small/medium size of organization which does not have highly critical databases;
  • All the prices are exclude GST/VAT.
  • All on-site troubleshooting and resolution is only covered within Klang-Valley.