SQL Server Performance Tuning

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Bursa Malaysia Berhad
Bursa Malaysia Berhad is an exchange holding company. It operates a fully integrated exchange, offering the complete range of exchange-related services including trading, clearing, settlement and depository services.

Automated Risk Management and Decision Making Analaysis (ARMADA) System is the centralized system for BURSA MALAYSIA BERHAD to collect and process all the stock market data from broking houses and investment banks.

Key Points:

  • The computation process time reduced from 22 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • SQL Server overall performance is improved 77.3%.
  • The database size reduced from 103GB to below 43GB.
  • Transaction Log file size reduced from 100GB to 7GB and file size is maintaned.
  • SQL Server I/O consumption reduced 49%.
  • SQL Server CPU usage from 55% dropped to 25%.
  • Database internal and external fragmentation is reduced by 70%.
  • The major queries time consumption reduced 45.5%.
  • Database management is simplified base on new database physical structure.
  • Administrator is able to restore database online while users are connecting to the system without any downtime, unless the MDF file is corrupted.
  • Administrator is able to recover and restore database up to the failure time or specific time.
  • SQL Server improves the Execution Plans for having better performance.
  • Database consistency improved by checking and signing data.
  • Database expansion operation improved 100% by reserving the physical space.


Note: Our SQL Server Principal Consultant is the Only Microsoft Certified Master in South-East Asia.

Hamid J. Fard

I am SQL Server Data Platform Expert with more than 9 years’ of professional experience, I am currently Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Charter-Data Platform, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CIW Database Design Specialist. I also do Pig, Hive and Sqoop development regarding Hadoop Big Data platform. After a few years of being a production database administrator I jumped into the role of Data Platform Expert. Being a consultant allows me to work directly with customers to help solve questions regarding database issues for SQL Server.

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